Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday’s are Tough

Monday’s are tough…for a lot of people.

After a nice, couple of weekend days off, it’s back to the grind…whatever that grind may be.

And not too many people are happy about it.

All they see is five looooong days ahead, until they get to the next weekend.

Of course, there are some folks who actually love their work, or at least the new Keurig single cup office coffee maker that was just installed…so those people don’t mind Monday.

Even someone like me, who works from home, on his own schedule, is not all that crazy about Monday.

And it really shouldn’t bother me, since to a freelancer, one day is just the same as any other…Saturday and Sunday included.  I’ve even worked on big holidays like Christmas and Flag Day…makes no difference.  If I have a deadline to meet, working on a weekend or a holiday is actually beneficial, since the sooner I get the thing done, the faster I can get back to my desultory ways.

But for some reason, Monday is a different animal, even for the un-scheduled.

For one…listening to all that whining from everyone else, who actually have to leave the house, is draining.

Yeah…I know.

Second…it’s nice to interact on the weekends with other intelligent human beings in the neighborhood.

When Monday comes, it’s hard to go back to interacting with the unintelligent human beings that seem to habitat the neighborhood, the rest of the week…

At least that’s what my neighbor tells me.
Hey, what'd you's a Monday.


  1. Do those one-cup coffee makers actually brew the coffee, or is it really instant coffee in disguise? I approached the machine at the animal hospital, and while I was reading all the directions, a techie came up and immediately pressed the correct switch. Voila! One cup of java. The techie was probably a former Boy Scout who was good at helping old persons cross the street. Hey,I could have produced that coffee within another l0 minutes, and crossed the street too all by myself. Cheech.

  2. Maybe he was making it for himself and you just assumed it was for you...

    Did you want to cross the street? I guess maybe if there was a Starbucks.

  3. Oh, that's really embassing. But he didn't take it. I did. I can't possibly go back to that animal hospital because of the coffee machine. Was it instant coffee? You didn't give an opinion for the poll I'm taking.

    1. So you basically stole the poor boy scouts coffee…tsk tsk.

      I believe you would have to categorize it as instant brewed. I have only used them a few times myself, and have had the same trouble as you. Then I just ask for tea.


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