Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Distraction Action

I’ve been a little distracted lately.

There’s been a lot going on. 

I mean…not me…I don’t have anything going on…as usual…but there seems to be a lot going on all around me.

And that’s distracting.

At least for me.

Because, actually, it doesn’t take much to distract me.

Like the second hand on a clock…that distracts me.

And that weird hum the refrigerate makes…that distracts me.

The fact that orange juice is actually the color orange…that distracts me, too

But I guess everyone’s distracted by those kinds of things…right?


Now, I’m being distracted by the squirrels…again.

The way they run around my lawn, digging holes…everywhere.

That is really distracting me.

I mean just what are they looking for?

And shouldn’t I be looking too?

Because they seem pretty intent on finding it…whatever it is.

They’re not distracted at all.

And they seem pretty territorial, especially when I come out and start sniffin around in the grass, myself.

Like it was their lawn, or something.

Not that they do anything…they just give me that look…you know that look…all day long.

Tell me you wouldn’t find that distracting….

So it’s been difficult to focus, but different this time than last time…which to be honest, I can’t recall that clearly anyway.

You know…because of the distractions.

I was out talking to my neighbor and I couldn’t follow a word he was saying, because his nose was distracting me.

Not that there was anything odd about it.

It was just a regular nose, like any other nose…it just seemed out of place.

And then I realized it wasn’t the nose at all that was out of place.

It was the neighbor…I was talking to the wrong neighbor.

His nose was fine.

It was the rest of him that was off.

But I guess that kind of stuff happens to everyone…right?


And I’m sure everyone has gone to the grocery store and been so distracted by everything going on inside that BIG super store that you forgot the milk…the milk you went in there for in the first place…especially if you’re in the hardware store, next door. 

So who can really blame you for not getting the milk under those circumstances, distractions or not?

And then, later, it finally hits you why the cheese spread tasted like putty over the weekend.

So I have to get past these distractions, screw my head back on straight and put my feet back on the ground, where they belong.

Because walking on my hands all day can be tiring.

And if I don’t, I’m gonna really find myself in a mess one of these days.

I could end up in the wrong house…or even the wrong town.

And that won’t end well.

Especially for whoever owns that house.

Because it might not seem like it to you…but I can take a little getting used to.

And the squirrels here do cut me a little slack… as long as I kick back 75% of what I find.
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