Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crappy Mood

I’ve decided to cancel Cable Week. 

Looking ahead, it just seems like way too much cable for one sitting, even if it’s spread out over 5 days.

It’s probably way too much spread out over 5 months.

So it’s cancelled.

I can do that. It’s one of the benefits of being the Blog Meister General. 

I can change my mind…

I’m in a crappy mood. 

Can you tell?

Not sure why; just one of those things that sneaks up and grabs hold of you from time to time.

Trying to figure it out is usually pointless, since by the time you do, it hopefully has passed and you can get back on with your life.

And now since I’ve canceled Cable week, I need to come up with a substitute…and this is what you get.

A crappy post by a writer in a crappy mood.

Spell Check is telling me that’s a fragmented sentence.

Screw Spell check….

Part of it may have been the recent heat wave.

Now that’s broken and we can revel in the fact that it’s only 88 degrees.

But its summer…it’s supposed to be hot.

Summer must be saying, “Damned if I do and damned if I don’t”.

Screw Summer….

Some people I know just spent a week sitting on their butts all day long, all week long, on a beach, down at the shore. They said the weather was cool and refreshing every single day that we were sweltering up here.  They said some days they actually had to leave the beach late in the afternoon because it would actually get too cool.  

So screw them too….

It might be that July is fast coming to an end and those Augustinian days will soon be here. And for those of us with fast forward brains, it’s practically time to go looking for our Christmas tree.

My friend Rosie is always a lot of fun and for the most part, never met a party she didn't like. But she's also one of those folks, like myself, with a fast forward brain.
She hates the Fall. She calls it the F word and we’re not allowed to mention it in her presence. She can get a little dramatic about it at times but we defer to her wishes.

However, it does make it difficult if one of us should actually take a fall and try to find the right word to replace it, for descriptive purposes.

“I’ve tumbled and can’t get up” just doesn’t seem to work.

Rosie is all about summer; can't get enough of it. She’s off to foreign shores next week, for vacation, and while I know she’s thrilled about it, I’m wondering if part of her is dreading that when she gets back, it will be nearly mid-August. 

But I would tell her that mid-August is better than no-August.

So hopefully she’ll enjoy her gelato and know that there’ll be plenty of summer left when she returns.  We’ll keep it on ice for her and push the F word as far away as possible.

Bon Voyage, Rosie!

Watch out for all those Italian guys....

Or not, if you prefer.

Janey recently returned from vacation herself. High up in the mountain air she says she had an epiphany, which, to be fair, she has on a semi monthly basis, mountains or not.

Janey’s epiphany goes along the lines of no longer worrying about everyone else and what they do and think. Instead she’s going to just focus on herself and what she can control. 

Which basically means “screw em!

And with that I can agree….

Kind of missing Cable Week now, huh?


  1. Hey the pictures alone are worth our having stopped in here. Plus people get pleasure out of the suffering of others so you did the world that service too! :-)

  2. Toil toil, bubble and trouble…a bloggers life for me.

    I think I just co-opted several Disney witch curses, AND the Pirates of the Caribbean.

    All in one fractured sentence. A new record for me!

    At least I’m working outside under my “umbrella ella”.

    So maybe things are looking up.


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