Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the 29 th Day

And on the 29th day he looked back upon all he had created throughout the previous 28 and said….

“I’m happy that no one seems to understand the proper use of the semi colon; God knows I don’t…”

And with that a small throng appeared and gathered around the man, who hid his annoyance, behind a gentle smile, since he had asked for a small “thong”, but was apparently misunderstood.

Despite his annoyance the man stepped forward and said to the assembled…

“Don’t you people have anything better to do with your Sundays…brunch, a picnic, a nap, perhaps?”

But, Sir,” said the spokesman for the group. “We have come to seek your advice and wisdom in a matter of great importance.”

“Ahhhhh…I see,” said the man, now flattered by their faith in him. “Tell me, what is it you seek from this humble servant”?

Another man and also a woman, or a man who was also a woman, but perhaps it was the other way around… stepped forth and spoke as one, which made it difficult for the man to understand them.

“Please, please…one at a time, after all I am not a miracle worker, though I sometimes play one on TV. What wisdom may I impart to you on this day?

“Wise one, when signing up with a communication service provider, should we take the silver or the gold premium movie package”?

The man looked at them through the warmth that filled his heart, fueled by their innocence. Yet, still, he felt he must admonish them….

“Are you kidding?  Netflix is the only way to go…or possibly the Red Box in the Supermarket! And, failing that, have you never heard of On Demand!”

The crowed then erupted into a beautiful nosie, heartened by what they had learned this day.

The man then turned and walked away, still in search of the elusive thong.

“What’s wrong with these people…Gold premium movie package …are you kidding me”!

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