Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Deal with Wednesday

So I’ve finally made a deal with Wednesday…for now

Not like Wednesday had a choice.
It didn't....

It was either come back to work or join “El Circo Casa Grande” training beans to jump.

So Wednesday’s coming back….for now…starting next week.

If you can believe it…which I bet you can if you know Wednesday the way I know Wednesday…it tried to reinstitute its crazy demands.

I know….

So all I did was slap a can of Goya on the table and that was the end of that.

Now Thursday’s bent out of shape because I was getting close to a deal to give the Wednesday slot to Thursday.

But Thursday was dragging its feet, not knowing if it wanted to go full time again, and now that deal’s off the table.

Which goes to show these days, you can’t be indecisive…not in this economy.

Anyway, now Wednesday says it wants to put the past in the past and move on. It says it has a bunch of great new ideas that it wants to tell me about.

So I’ll listen…I mean I’m not a complete autocrat.

But it'll be tough for a while. This was hard on everybody, especially all the other days that had to pick up the slack.  Especially Monday, who felt under appreciated in the first place, and then had the added pressure of coming up with something memorable that was going to hold everyone over until Friday.  Then Friday sensed that its crowd was starting to slip, because of the gap, and started feeling self-conscious about the quality of its stuff…that maybe it wasn’t good enough either.

Whoever expected Friday to suddenly develop an esteem issue? 

I mean it’s Friday….

So this was not without its ugly moments.

Anyway, like Wednesday said, I guess we all have to move on and let bygones be bygones…for now.

Next week, when Wednesday comes around we’ll pretend none of this ever happened and go from there.

For now…

We’ll see….

For now….

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